Introduction: How to Knit an Apple With a Knitting Machine

Here was a challenge. How to knit a three dimensional apple on a flat bed knitting machine? And would it be faster than using knitting needles?

Step 1: Materials & Tools You'll Need

Yarn for knitting

Embroidery Thread for Felt leaf decoration


Sewing Needle

Knitting Machine

Step 2: How to Knit the Apple

I used my handmade knitting machine to knit the apples.

Cast on 27 stitches using an open cast on. Knit a few rows with waste yarn. This can be removed later.When you're ready add the yarn in the colour for the apple. Push the previous row of stitches behind the latches.

Place the yarn in the open latches .To knit a row, push the carriage to the opposite side twice. A row has been knit! The needles will pull the yarn sitting on the open latch through the stitch sitting behind the latch. Continue knitting 35 rows. The entire piece should be a rectangular shape.

Step 3: Finishing the Apple Seams

Knit until you have a rectangular kind of shape. (About 35 rows.) Snip off a length when you've reached the last row. Thread this yarn through the remaining stitches of the last row. Gather tightly the first row also. Stuff the apple with polyester stuffing and pin the open seam together. Sew side seam with yarn or thread using invisible Kitchner stitch.

To create a nice apple shape, smooth the stuffing carefully. Thread and sew the apple stem to the apple. Pull through the bottom side of the apple. This will create the realistic curve of the apple. Stitch several stitches to prevent unraveling. Tie a knot

Step 4: How to Knit the Apple Stem (I-cord)

Do an e-wrap cast on over two needles. Wrap the yarn over two needles and knit each stitch. for the first row.

E-wrap the the yarn over two needles and push behind the latch. There should be two stitches on each needle.

E-wrap the yarn onto the open latches. Pull through this yarn through the two stitches behind the latches. Knit around 10 rows for a thick apple stem. The i-cord stem is now complete.

Step 5: Attaching Leaf and Stem to Apple

Thread the i-cord stem through the top of the apple using the sewing needle or latch hook tool. I used gold and silver thread to sew a green felt leaf.

I embroidered the veins on the leaf with the metallic threads using short stitches..

Step 6: Watch a Brief Demo