Introduction: How to Laser Engrave Candles ?

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If you have a laser machine i am sure that you already have expermiented a lot of materials, why not candles?

In this tutorial i am going to give you the basis to engrave candles . This tutorial is also available in video (sorry for my bad english) if you fancy one :)

Step 1: Choose What Kind of Candle You Want to Use

I tried to laser engrave 3 kind of candles:

- Colza wax ones (on the right, the blue/white/red one), they are eco friendly but melts at 42°C wich is quite low. I do not recomend to use these one because even with a hight speed and a low power they were blistering...

-Paraffines ones (the black-golden ones), they are the cheapiest ones, derivative from petroleum but verry easy to color and perfume. They melts at 57°C

-Bees wax are not vegan but eco friendly, smels verry good but are quite expesive and difficult to color. They melts at 67°C

Step 2: Test Some Parameter

As every time you try some new materials, you need to try on some parameters. I find it easier to lower the resolution to 125 dpi so that the laser engrave one every other line and the wax doesn't melt that much.

If you can, you may also add some defocus (Z=0.2) and some air assistant to help the wax cool quicker

Remember that every laser machine is different and that my parameters won't be the same as yours. With my trotec speedy 300 I used P= 75 S=100 Z=0.2 with air assistant.

Also I find it better if i laser engrave once, wait for the wax to cool and sceal (~20 seconds) and re-laser engrave. For the beeswax ones i laser engrave up to 14 times that way.

Step 3: Observe the Results, Enhance Them

Engraving candles won't be as clear as engraving wood, the wax won't change color unless you have a colored coat.

Some paraffine candles are made that way, if you find some it can be a great customization tool.

If you don't you can also spray paint the candle and engrave on the painted coat. You don't need to worry about the resolution because you are only removing the coating and not melting the wax.

Nevertheless, because spray paint can be toxic, I am not sure if this is realy recomended to brun the candle...

Step 4: Enjoy (+ a Quick Note on Cleaning)

There you are! if you find some other way to laser engrave candle, let me know in the coment section :D

I add a little "it's gonna bee okay" design, so you can have fun with beesway :)

Also, because you melt wax, you might see some deposits on you lense and mirror, remeber to clean them (i have done a tutorial about how to clean your laser machine, go check it out!)


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