Introduction: Watching the Eclipse Throught Reading Glasses (and Not Burning My Eyes)

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Hey there, did I caught your curiousity with my title? My father did too, as we were walking in the old Montréal yesterday, he pulled of his glasses and show me how to see how to see the eclipse thought his reading glasses.

So everything that you will read is inspired from my dad, thank you daddy!

If you prefer videos, here is one, i hope you'll enjoy it!

here is the link for mobile users:

If not, please continue reading :)

Step 1: What Do You Need?

You only need reading glasses, that will act as convergent lenses. Convergent means that you have a POSITIVE correction on your glasses. I have +0.5 on both my eyes, my dad have +1.5 .

You can buy some cheap one on the dolar stores or the pharamacy if you don't need eye correction (lucky you!)

Note: I haven't try with diferent eyes correction (my previous glasses were +0.5 and +0.75) but I have a feeling that you won't have both side focus at the same time (more details after)

Step 2: Step 1: Find the Focal Point

As I said before the glasses are used as convergent lenses, that means that you'll have a focal point where your image will not be blury. It might be tricky at fist but one you found it it'll get easier.

The stronger your correction is, the closer to the lense the focal point is and the smaller the image will be. You can see on the picture how hight i have to hold my glasses. My dad had to hold them very close to the ground.
If I had to recomend a correction, I woud say that +1 will be easier to focus.

Step 3: Step 2: Watch the Eclipse

One you are focus you will be able to see the moon going in front of the sun. Because I was in Montréal, It was just a partial eclipse so no darkness, but you could see the moon going from the top right to the top left of the sun.

Rember that the convergent lenses inverse the resulting image so it will be upside down comparing of what you'll realy see

Step 4: Step 3: Wait for the Next Eclipse!

The next one is on 2024 and will go on top of Montreal, I am pretty exited about it!

I hope that tutorial would help you enjoy yourself or show off in front of people for the next one ;)

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