Introduction: How to MAKE PAPER BUTTERFLY

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Decorate your wall and room with very easy paper BUTTERFLY


Step 1: Bend Square Paper As Follow

Bend square papers as follow to get cross lines

Step 2: Overturn the Paper

Overturn the paper and Bend As Follow until getting this lines

Step 3: Bend the Square Sides to Inside

Bend the square sides to inside as follow to get triangle shape

Step 4: Bend the Both Down Corners to the Top

Bend the both down corners Align with centreline to the top

Step 5: Flip to Other Side

Flip to other side as follow

Step 6: Bend the Bottom Corner Upwards

Bend the bottom corner upwards with exceeding the upper limit of the triangle

Step 7: ​Flip It Again

Flip it again and bend it as follow

Step 8: Finally

Finally you get your butterfly, use it in your lovely home decoration