Introduction: How to Make 3 Champagne Cocktails for New Year's Eve

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Champagne and New Year's Eve go amazing together. However, it could become a bit boring with just plain champagne. Here are 3 Champagne Cocktails to spice up your New Year's Eve Parties. If you aren't of age or don't like champagne, you can use ginger ale, sparkling cider, or other non-alcoholic versions. These recipes are very simple and can be altered easily for your liking. If you have any questions about flavor combinations or suggestions, feel free to tell me in the comments. If you have recipe you would like to see me make, let me know in the comments below. Let me know of what you think of this recipe on via twitter or instagram(@vegetarianbaker & #thevegetarianbaker)

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Champagne Mojito

  • Lime | 1 Wedge
  • Mint | 6 Leaves
  • Granulated Sugar | 1 teaspoon
  • Champagne | 4-6 oz.
  1. Squeeze lime juice into glass. Add the mint and sugar. Muddle until mint aromas form.
  2. Top with Champagne.
  3. Enjoy.

Cranberry Orange Champagne

  • Orange | 1 Wedge
  • Cranberry Juice | 2 oz
  • Granulated Sugar | For Garnish
  • Champagne | 4-6 oz.
  1. Rim glass with the orange wedge. Dip glass into plate of sugar to create a sugar-rimmed glass.
  2. Squeeze orange into glass with the cranberry juice. Top with champagne.
  3. Garnish with orange peel twist and Enjoy.

Blackberry Rosemary Champagne

  • Rosemary | 1 Sprig
  • Blackberries | 3 Leaves
  • Champagne | 4-6 oz.
  1. Muddle to blackberries in your glass. Add another blackberry and top with champagne.
  2. To remove bubbles, use the rosemary sprig to mix it around. Leave sprig in as garnish.
  3. Enjoy.