Introduction: How to Make 3D Charms

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Just recently I was trying to make my own jewelry charms. I am crafty and like to make my own things. I tried making my charms out of clay, but they were falling apart and losing shape. This started to frustrate me so I came up with a "3D jewelry solution." The supplies you need to make this project are listed below. :D


Five 3D shapes of your choice or the ones I decided to make
Five of the shape labeled
Your inter- creativity and crafty craziness

Step 1: Using Tinkercad

If you are wondering what Tinkercad is, it is a 3D designing and modeling website, and if you have a 3D printer you can print your sculptures that you make. You can choose any 3D shapes and/or pre-made models you want, anything is possible! When you are on the website, if you have never used Tinkercad then click Join Now. If you have used this site before then click Sign In.

Step 2: Using Tinkercad

Once you have signed in, you will pick the design you are working on. If you have no designs you can create one by clicking Create New Design. To work on a project click on it, and then click Tinker This. When you are done with your project for the day (you can come back to your project later) it automatically saves. There are millions of sculptures you can make by just using your imagination, but I'm going to show you how to make my 3D Jewelry charms!

Step 3: Before You Start to Make the Charms

When you are ready to make the charms, you must have five Torus shapes. You can find these in the "basic shapes" section. You need these to hang the charms on the necklace or bracelet chain, and even to braid the charms into your hair. One more thing you need to know before you get started is to make the shapes stand up you have to click on them and turn them sideways to find a side arrow. Click on the side arrow and you can move the shape up and down. You should also know that to raise the shape up you have to click on it and then the cone shaped object above it. Please refer to the pictures to show you how to move the shapes.

Step 4: If You Are Using Other Shapes

If you decided to pick your own, then you can explore all the shape selections on Tinkercad! Nothing else changes, except the design of your charms. You can still change the color, rotate, and have to use the Torus shapes for your charms. The other steps help out with how to use all the arrows and squares around the shape, so make sure that you take a look at the other steps.

Step 5: Making the Heart and Star Charm

I started with these two because they are in the same section, the "basic shapes" section. When you find the 3D Heart it's brown, but you can easily change colors. To do this click the shape, and on the side, a drop down bar will appear. To change the color of the heart click on the circle with the color of the Heart in it. The Star is orange but you can change its color too. The Torus shape should be blue, but then I changed the color of the shape to black for the Heart and yellow to match the Star. The shapes are lying flat down, when you drag them into the work plane you have to rotate them so they stand up then, you click on the Torus and do the same thing. With the Torus you have to use the cone shaped object to raise it up. Then you connect the Torus with the Star and Heart charms.

Step 6: Making the Mustache and Ice Cream Charm

These charms are also in the same section labeled "character". This time I didn't change the color of the shapes because they were already the color I wanted, but if you want to change the color of your charms, remember to click on the shape then click on the circle with the color of the shape in it. Although I didn't change the charms color, I did change the color of the Torus, one to match the color of the Ice cream charm and the other black for the Mustache charm. When you drag the Mustache and Ice cream design onto the work plane it is already standing up. You will have to rotate the Torus to stand up, and then raise up the Torus to connect it with the other charms. Basically connect the shapes together at the top.

Step 7: Making the Penny Charm

The Penny charm is found in the "made at home" section of the Tinkercad shapes. I didn't change the color on the Penny either, because it's already brown. The Penny is thin and lying down when you drag it on the work plane. You will have to thicken the Penny's width, and rotate it to stand up. The way to change the Penny's width is a little square in the middle of the shape, click on the square and drag up, but you don't want it to get too thick. Just enough to connect it with the Torus (the Torus was originally blue I changed the color to brown) and complete the Penny charm!

Step 8: Making the Tinkercad House Charm

The Tinkercad house is found in the "all" section of Tinkercad shapes. The Tinkercad house is originally pink and standing up. For this one I only changed the color of the Torus shape to pink (the color is kind of a dark pink). For this one you want to rotate the Torus shape connect it with the Tinkercad house and then the charm is complete!

Step 9: Making the Name Charm

This is my favorite charm, but also the hardest charm. You can find the TWO parts you need, the word Text and the box shape in the "basic shapes" section. They are red but when I finished I changed the color to blue. The box shape has to be flattened and stretched into a rectangle, then rotated to stand up. The "text" will also have to be rotated to stand up. The text can be changed by clicking on it then the side bar will appear. You click on the down arrow thats on the side bar, the word "text" with a blank next to it will also appear. The text can be your name or a statement. After you get the text and box to stand up you have to connect them together, then connect to the Torus. You can change the color or keep it the color it is! Now, you are ready for the next step. :D

Step 10: Your Done!

Woohoo! You're done and it's time to show off your charms! If you don't have a 3D printer, it is okay my own charms aren't printed out either! If you liked this craft on 3D charms, I would be happy to make more fun 3D designing instructables! If you have any questions please let me know I am happy to help! :D

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