Introduction: How to Make 6 Easy Iteam on Minecraft

Hi, Today Im going to walk you through some easy steps to make 6 easy items

Step 1: 1st Toilet Paper Step One

  • Place a wood/metal button on where you want you toilet paper roll to be

Step 2: 1st Toilet Paper Step Two

  • Place frame behind your button

Step 3: 1st Toilet Paper Step Three

  • Place a wool block onto your button

Step 4: Taa-Da

Great Job On Completing The First Idea! How Bout You Try The Rest.

Step 5: How to Make an Arcade Game

Step 6: Idea 2 Step One Arcade

Step One place two colored blocks and leave a space between them

Step 7: Idea 2 Step Two Arcade

Add A tripwire to the front of the bottom block.

Step 8: Idea 2 Step Three Arcade

Add a plate on top of the bottom block

Step 9: Idea 2 Step Four Picture

Step four add a picture in the space between the two blocks

Step 10: Taa-Daa

Great Job On completing your arcade now try my next Idea!

Step 11: Idea Three How to Make a Cookie Dispenser

This is how you make a cookie dispenser in four easy steps

Step 12: Idea Three Step One Glass

Place two colored blocks of glass on top of each other

Step 13: Idea Three Step Two Side Block

Step two Place a colored block on the side of you bottom glass

Step 14: Step Four: Add a Dispensir

Step four add a dispenser on top on your colored block

Step 15: Last Step

Last step add a button and then open dispenser and a cookies or drinks

Step 16: Idea Four How to Make a Nightstand With Lamp

How to make a nightstand with lamp in four easy steps

Step 17: Idea Four : Step One Block

Step One place a block where you want your night stand

Step 18: Idea Four : Step Two Button

Step two place button on your block

Step 19: Idea Four: Step Three End Rod

Step Three place a End Rod on top of you block

Step 20: Idea Four : Step Four Glass

Step Four add glass and then Taa Daa you have a lamp and nightstand

Step 21: Idea Five: How to Make a Bird Feeder

How to make a bird feeder three easy steps

Step 22: Idea Five: Step One Block

Step One place a block where you want to let

Step 23: Idea Five: Step Two Fence

Step Two add a fence on the bottom of your block

Step 24: Idea Five : Step Three

Add a hopper to the bottom of your fence and Taa Daa you Have a bird feeder

Step 25: Idea 6 How to Make a Chandler Step One

Step One put four fences on your ceiling

Step 26: Idea 6 Step Two

last step add end rods to each fence and Taa Daa you have a chandler

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