Introduction: How to Make a Diary on Your PC That Is Very Safe(Windows)

Step 1: Making a Microsoft Word Document

So First, Make a Microsoft Word Document, And Type anything you want. In that picture, I put "GOTALONGLISTSTARBUCKSLOVERS" Just For Being Ironic. Why? because, in blank space, people hear "got a long list Starbucks lovers" instead of the real lyric that is "got a long list of ex lovers" so yeah, that is why I did that. So let's go into the next step!

Step 2: Opening and Designing the Document

So now, open it and design it. if you want the design like mine, please tell me in the comment your email(not only email say I want your design so I'm not confused) so i can tell you how to do the design of mine. So after opening it, don't just put the password. Only design it what you want. but put "My Diary" to remember your diary. So you see that picture? It is my diary.(I mean mine not yours or anybody here.)Ok let's go to the next step everyone.

Step 3: Putting Password #1

Ok, let's put a password. What should we put? not 123 because everyone knows it. So now, go to "Files", then go press "Protect Document" Then Press "Encrypt Password" then let's go to the next step.

Step 4: Putting Password #2

Ok So I told you in the introduction you need WinRAR, so did you download it? ok, so make a winrar .rar file,(picture in the top) and then we are gonna put the password. So how? I will teach you.So first, open the file, and then quit word document and then press save. now put the document to the winrar thing. Now it says Archive name and parameters. First, click "Set Password" then put your password and then press OK. and then you're done!

Step 5: Thank You for Taking Your Time!

Thank you guys for reading this instructable! If you want more, leave it down in the comments below, Goodbye!