Introduction: How to Make Air Conditioner at Home

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Step 1: Tools You Need to Make Air Conditioner at Home

1. Plastic Bottle or Jar
2. DC Motor
3. Battery
4. Little fan
5. Plastic bottle (Bottle mouth)

Step 2: Make Some Hole in the Bottle or Jar Cap

Make some hole in bottle or jar cap as like picture.

Step 3: Use a Marker to Draw for Hole

Use a marker to draw a hole as like plastic bottle mouth. see the picture for that

Step 4: Make a Hole Into Bottle or Jar

Make a hole into bottle or jar where u draw a hole using a marker.

Step 5: Add the Bottle Mouth on That Hole

Add plastic bottle mouth on that hole with glue. and take some time after you given some glue over there.

Step 6: Attach DC Motor

Now you need to attach DC Motor into the plastic bottle or jar cap with glue. see the picture for that.

Step 7: Attach Battery

Now you need to attached your battery with the plastic bottle or jar using glue.

Step 8: Add Fan With DC Motor

At this stage you need to add fan with DC Motor. see the picture.

Step 9: You Air Conditioner Almost Ready to Start

Now your air conditioner almost ready to start. check everything again that before start.

Step 10: Put Some Ice

You need to put some ice into the bottle or jar. Try to cover the bottle or jar with full of ice to get more cool air.

Step 11: Connect With DC Motor With Battery

Now You need to connect the DC Motor with batter to start You air cooler or air conditioner.

Step 12: Now Take Cool Air From Your Air Condtioner

Now Take fresh and cool air form your home made air conditioner wish you made with your hand and enjoy it.

You can also watch my full video , that How to make air conditioner at home in my video.