Introduction: How to Make Arduino in 5min :D

I found a very easy and simple way to make arduino on bread board. By doing this we can make our projects cheaper and smaller. We can even use a general purpose P.C.B and solder the required parts and make a smaller version of arduino for compact projects.

Lets see how to do it on a breadboard.

Step 1: Part Required

1. an ATMEGA 382p

2.16 MHz crystal oscillator

3. -two 22 pf capacitors (ceramic disk)

4. any colour-led.

5. some jumper wires

6. Bread board

7.220 k resistor

Step 2: Connections

Using this circuit diagram we can make connections very easily.

Step 3: Step Wise Connections

1.Place the Atmega on B.B

2.Insert 16mhz crystal 9th on 10th pin.

3.Insert ceramic capacitor into 9th pin and gnd.

4.Insert 2nd ceramic capacitor into 10th pin and gnd.

5.Connect jumper cable to 8th pin and gnd.

6.Connect jumper cable to 7th pin and vcc.

7. Short 22rd and 23th pin using jumper.

8. Give vcc connection to 22rd and 23th pin using jumper.

9. Give gnd connection to 21st pin.Pin led onto B.B positive terminal anywhere and negative terminal to gnd.

10.Connect 220k resistor to 24th pin and other end to led positive terminal.

11.Give 5v power supply.

Step 4: Check Out the Video for Better Understanding :)