Introduction: How to Make Barbie Closet for Organization Easy

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Hi. We all need a place to put our doll clothes and accessories. Today I will tell you how to make a wardrobe. It has a shelf a place for hanging clothing and a place to hang purse and hats.This will organize your doll's clothes, so no more looking around in mmessy drawers for finding them! Lets start!!!

Step 1: Gather Supplies.

You will need:-
Paper clips
Shoebox ( I used loom bands box) or cardboard.
A piece of cardboard.

Step 2: Your Shelf

Take your shoebox or make a box with carboard and decorate. Now cut a piece of cardboard exactly the size of the inner of the box. Glue it or just fix it in your box.

Step 3: Your Rod.

Take two straws. Fold on from the end and insert in the other. Now make a hole in your box with a boll pen. Insert your straw through it and secure with a paper pin. Wardrobe made!!
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