How to Make Beautiful Basket Using Waste Newspaper?

Introduction: How to Make Beautiful Basket Using Waste Newspaper?

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All of us have several collections of baskets as they are a daily need. However, have you ever heard of a basket made up of the newspaper? No, then we are going to make a beautiful newspaper basket that is not only a decorative product but also a utility item too.

This is a wonderful recycled craft that is made from waste newspapers. You can use it as a Valentines Day gift basket as well.

Step 1: ​Things Needed to Make Beautiful Basket!

  • Newspapers
  • Scissors
  • Cutter
  • Adhesive
  • Glue Gun & Glue Stick
  • Decorative Pearls & Stones
  • Silver Pearls
  • Colors
  • Paint Brush

Step 2: Let's Make the Shapes Using Newspaper!

  • Take a newspaper and cut long strips of it.
  • Take a paintbrush and roll the strip around it to form a newspaper stick. We need several such sticks.
  • Now start rolling the stick using a paintbrush.
  • Give it a triangular shape with your fingers.
  • Now continue with the process and keep fixing more sticks to the triangular shape.
  • Give some depth to the triangular shape.
  • Now apply some glue on the inner surface and spread it. Let it dry.
  • Now to make the base, paste the sticks to one another.
  • Start rolling the stick in the circular shape.
  • Again, give some depth to it.
  • Spread adhesive and let it dry. We will get two shapes like this.

Step 3: Let's Color the Basket!

  • Apply green colour to the base.
  • Apply pink colour to the basket shape.
  • Now paste the basket shape on the base.

Step 4: Let's Make a Handle!

  • To make the handle, take the paper sticks and cut small pieces of the paper sticks. Put the three paper sticks.
  • Arrange and paste the pieces of the stick in a weaving pattern.
  • Cut out the extra papers and your handle is now ready.

Step 5: Let's Paste the Handle & Decorate the Basket!

  • Paint the handle with 2 different colours and paste this handle on the basket.
  • Now decorate the basket using silver pearls.
  • Decorate the basket using decorative stones and pearls as well.

Wow!! Your Newspaper Basket is Now Ready.

Step 6: ​Conclusion

This is a beautiful ethnic basket and is a perfect gifting option. You can keep your stuffs inside the basket and gift it to your loved one. You can also use it as a home decor object by keeping some artificial flowers in it

Hope you enjoyed watching the easy basket making video. In case of any suggestion or feedback, please share the same in the comment section below.

Happy Crafting!!

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