Introduction: How to Make Beer Coasters With Emoji

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It is easy to make creative bear coaster with Emoji by yourself at home. You need just several simple things, which can be easily found in every house, so you definitely don’t need to go for shopping!

Step 1: What You Need

1. A4 paper list to print the Emoji image

2. Website with Emoji constructor tool (to create the coaster image)

3. Computer, internet and printer

4. Glue (any glue is ok)

5. Scissors (to cut a round form for the coaster)

6. Cardboard (any cardboard is ok, I used cardboard shoe box)

7. Pen or pencil (to draw a coaster round form on the cardboard)

8. Scotch Tape (to protect your coaster from water or other liquids)

Step 2: Choose Your Coaster Design

Visit the website Emoji Constructor and create an Emoji image you like. Save it on your computer desktop.

Step 3: Print the Emoji Image

Print the Emoji image and cut it from the paper.

Step 4: Cut the Round Form From the Cardboard

Take any cardboard you’ve got at home, put the cut out Emoji image on top of it and circle it around the perimeter with a pen or pencil, in order to make it easier to cut the cardboard.

Step 5: Glue the Emoji Image on the Cardboard

Glue the cardboard with the Emoji image on top.

Step 6: Apply a Scotch Tape for Sealing

Make a transparent scotch tape application for sealing of the coaster upside and downside to protect it from water and use effectively for a long time.