Introduction: How to Make Blossoming Fairy Magical Wine Bottle With Twinkle Lights

Welcome to my video, I made blossoming fairy magical wine bottle with twinkle lights. I made it special with fairy and twinkle lights, it looks very beautiful we can display in our home or give as the perfect gift to someone special. I hope you will like it. Please like, comment and also subscribe my channel.


Wine Bottle

Glass Color – Royal Blue

Stencil Sheet


Masking Tape

Acrylic Color - Titanium White

Twinkle Lights – DC 12V


Step 1: Use of Glass Color

  • I used crystal bottle to make it.
  • I used glass color royal blue on it.
  • I used plastic stencil sheet for making fairy on it.

Step 2: Use of Acrylic Color

  • I used acrylic color titanium white.
  • I used paper to fix plastic stencil sheet.
  • I used masking tape on it.

Step 3: Use of Twinkle Light

I always used DC 12V twinkle light in bottle.

Step 4: Final Pictures

Here are few final beautiful pictures of wine bottle.

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