Introduction: How to Make Captain America Props

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This is how to make Captain America props. These prop ideas I got from the movie Captain America: The First Avenger, so this is the shield and model Super Soldier serum.


For this project you will need: cardboard, a leather strip, tan cargo pants, a white shirt, paint (it depends which color you want to paint it), food coloring, and a . There are some optional things you can buy online to help get the look right, like a airsoft pistol, but that is only if you want to make it look cooler.

Step 1: Making the Shield

So to make the shield you are going to need cardboard, paint, the leather strips, a hot glue gun, and some scissors. Cut the shield to make it look like his shield(you can make it look like any one of his shields).This is my rough draft, I trimmed it later.

Step 2: Making the Straps for the Shield

So for the straps on the shield you are going to cut the leather strip in half and put it on the shield. You can use the excess for the hand strap(optional).

Step 3: Trimming and Painting the Shield

So this is the front of the shield, fully trimmed. I used a template I found online to get the shape right. For the painting, I would recommend matte acrylic paints for the painting.

Step 4: Finished Shield

So that is it for the shield. The next thing is a pretty cool super soldier serum.

Step 5: Making the Super Soldier Serum

Ok so to start you are going to need the pen, the food coloring, and the tip that went with the pen. So lets start making the "serum". You have to start by taping the end of the pen shut so it is waterproof.

Step 6: Adding Water and Food Coloring

Now you are going to add water(which is very hard)and food coloring(also very hard)to make it look like a "serum".

Step 7: Finishing It Off

Now to finish it all off, put the tip on the pen and go trick or treating!

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