Introduction: How to Make Cardboard Birds

Here's a simple tutorial on how to make an eagle similar to mine

Step 1: Getting Started With the Body

The body will act as the hub for all the other parts, I recommend use of strong cardboard
  • First make something along the lines of the shape above
  • Make two of these using the first one as a stencil to keep it consistent
  • Cut slits for mounting
  • My body is 2 ft long and 5 in high But yours can be any size
  • Scale doesn't particularly matter just make keep in mind the size of the other parts

Once both pieces are cut I recommend you decide how far apart your pieces should be from each other. For mine I spaced them 2 in apart

Step 2: Create Braces

  • To hold the body together and to support the wings I created these two peaces
  • The rounder one is the front brace and acts as a connection point to the body
  • The other one is the back brace that holds the wings up as well as strengthens the body
  • Make sure you cut slits in both the body and the braces

Step 3: Make Sure It All Fits Together

If your slots line up you should be able to put the body together

Step 4: Wings

A bird should have wings, and so should this one.

  • Find a wing shape, mine was based on a Bald Eagles wings but depending on the bird your making they may be different.
  • Sketch it out and cut
  • Repeat using your cut out wing as a stencil like the body
  • Measure out and cut mounting slits

Step 5: Head and Tail

So now you have the body of your bird, however there are two missing parts.

  • See the attached image for an example of the front brace that holds the head
  • Birds have different heads so design yours to fit the theme of the bird
  • Tail feathers are also unique to birds much like the head

Once you have created your head and brace its time to attach them

If you created a notch in the mounting piece and the head they should slide right on

  • I recommend making tail feathers a bit wider then the space between the body piece to allow for enough space to cut notches for mounting

If your tail feather notches are cut correctly they should also slide right on

Step 6: (Optional) a Stand

Because it looks nice

Just cut a sturdy piece of cardboard and cut notches the same distance away from your body piece along with adding some supports at the bottom.

Making two of these would be a good idea if your bird is on the larger size