Introduction: Christmas Decorations

This is an instructable on how to make Christmas decorations. We will be making them out of wood. What shapes you want to make depends on you - have fun hanging them up on your Christmas tree!

Step 1: What Materials Do I Need?

The first thing we have to do is to gather the materials for our project. The materials we need are as follows:

- Wood (1)

- Graphite pencil (2)

- Outline (3)

- Mechanical saw (4)

- Paint + paint brush(5)

- Drill (6)


(1) You can choose the wood you want to use, however, I would recommend your wood to be thin since you want to be able to cut it easily.

(2) Use a graphite pencil to draw the outline for the shape you want to cut.

(3) You can draw the outline yourself or take one from the internet. Print it out and stick it on your wood.

(4) It is best if you use a mechanical saw so you can cut the shape precisely.

(5) Use the paint you think is appropriate. I would suggest using colours that fit Christmas. Dark red, green, etc.

(6) The drill must be used for the cutting of the holes.

Step 2: Find Your Outline

Since we will be sawing wood, we will have to either draw or find ourselves an outline.

For those among us who are less talented, we can find outlines on google.

One thing to consider is to take bigger shapes. If your shape has a lot of tight edges then it might be harder to saw.

Step 3: Paint the Wood

Before we can cut, we must paint the wood. Use Christmas colors and paint whatever you want to. Either let it dry or use a hairdryer to dry the paint.

Step 4: Use the Outline

Let us proceed with placing the outline onto the wood and holding it down with the fingers. From here you can use a pencil to trace the outline. No worries after you are done cutting you can always erase the lines!

Step 5: Cut the Shapes

Now that we know where to cut, we can proceed with sawing. Therefore it is important to be safe no matter if you are using an old school saw or a mechanical one. Again I would suggest a mechanical one like the ones above.

Step 6: Drilling

Lastly, drill holes into the stars you have made so that they can be hung up.

Use drilling bits that work for wood. Be sure to lay another piece of wood or something durable underneath the drilling spot so that you don't damage your table or workspace.

Step 7: You Are Finished

Congrats! You are finished. If you are unsure or need help watch the video for clarification. Happy Holidays.