How to Make Clothespin Doll Chairs




Introduction: How to Make Clothespin Doll Chairs

Made these doll chairs for our doll series called Skull Academy. Please share our channel with your kids. Safe for all ages. Doll series, doll challenges, contests and more. Chairs are made with clothespins and are very strong.

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    1 year ago

    hi gingerlola my name is katherine and my email address is i love your polly pocket house tours so much and i don't like that they are private so can you please make them public again or tell me why you made made them private? thanks

    i needed an easy way of making lps chairs in bulk so i'm gonna try this out, hope they come out as good as yours :D

    These are the cutest! I love miniature sized things of things :) They would be cute with little sewn seat cushions too!