Introduction: How to Make Cool Shelves

Make shelves without injuring a ceiling and a floor.

And make it very easy!!

Step 1: Spread a Base Wood

Spread a base wood.

Step 2: Prepare Two Pillars

Prepare two pillars.

Step 3: Prepare Two Special Metal

Prepare two special metal fittings. These metal fittings are important.

Step 4: Fix Metal

Fix metal fittings to the top of pillars.

Step 5: Pick Up Pillars

Pick up pillars on the base wood.

Step 6: Turn Metal

Turn metal fittings and fix it.

Step 7: Fix Shelves Board

Fix shelves board with a screw from the bottom.

Step 8: Repeat Step7

Repeat step 7.

Step 9: You Finished It!!

It is completion!

Step 10:

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