Introduction: How to Make Cup From Coconut - DIY Coconut Cup

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This is how I built a cup from coconut shell when I broke my coffee cup. It was a period in history, humans were not allowed to get out of home due to pandemic, hence I was left out with no option but to build this cup to have coffee ;-)

It feels good when we have things done, on our own :-)


Step 1: Materials & Tools Required

Raw Materials:

  1. Coconut - diameter not less than 9cm
  2. Bamboo stick as Cup Handle(Optional)
  3. Food Grade Oil


    1. Knife
    2. Sand Paper or Rotary Tool with abrasive wheel
    3. Hacksaw blade or Rotary Tool with Circular Saw
    4. Wood Glue
    5. Marker for guideline

    PPE - For Safety:

    1. Mask / Respirator with
    2. Goggle
    3. Glows

    Step 2: Selection & Cleaning Fiber

    Select a coconut which has a diameter not less than 9cm.

    Clean the outer fiber over the coconut shell with the help of knife and sand paper.

    Remove the coconut water before proceeding for the next step.

    Step 3: Remove Bottom Side Projections

    Use a sander to remove the bottom coned structure to create a smooth base and try to make the outer shell as smooth as possible which is going to decide the texture of the cup.

    So make sure the fibers and rough structures are removed.

    Step 4: Split Open the Coconut

    Figure out the high of the cup and draw a guideline using the technique shown in the picture.

    Use hacksaw blade or Rotary tool to split open the coconut in to two halfs.

    Step 5: Remove the Fruit From Nut

    Use Knife or the "traditional coconut remover tool" shown in the picture to remove the fruit from the nut.

    Step 6: Sanding Inner Side of the Shell

    Use a sand paper or Conical abrasive rotary bit to smooth the inner side of the shell(cup)

    Step 7: Making Cup Holder

    As shown in the picture, mark guidelines, use hacksaw blade/circular saw rotary bit to for the cup holder.

    Step 8: Gluing Cup and Holder

    Use wood adhesives to stick the base and top part to form the cup, Use sellotape to hold the part together as a temporary support till the adhesive drys up.

    Step 9: Oiling the Cup

    Use food grade Oils to give a shiny look to the cup.

    Step 10: CUP Handle With Bamboo (Optional)

    Choose the rite length Bamboo stick and bend it using fire, as heating the bamboo retains the structure.

    Step 11: Taste Your Coffee With the CUP

    It feels good when we have things done, on our own :-)

    The taste will be special when you have it in this CUP...


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