Introduction: How to Make Custom Bottle Caps for $3 or Under

This is actually my first tutorial but hopefully it helps. This is how you can make your own Custom Bottle cap for under $3. I got all the stuff used from my local Dollar Tree(excluding the print outs and the bottle cap and tools)
So hopefully you can too.
In this Instructable we will be making the Nuka Cola Quantum bottle cap. The label is actually my own custom one that I had made myself.

Step 1: SUPPLIES!!!

You will need:
1 Bottle Cap(Free)
1 2fl oz Bottle of Mod Podge($1)
1 Nail Polish Remover(Optionable)($1)
1 Small Bottle of Clear Nail Polish($1)
1 Pair of Scissors
1 Print out of your Bottle Cap Label
And some Brushes

Step 2: Remove the Label on the Cap(Optional)

This is an Optional step as some bottle caps are good enough to where you can just follow the next steps without having to remove any of the previous label on the cap.
Though some do need it.
What you will need to do is to take a napkin or paper towel or cotton ball and dip it in the nail polish remover
and scrub really hard till enough of the logo is removed so you can place your label on the cap.
It may take some time and you may have to use your nail to help remove it.

Step 3: Cut Out Your New Bottle Cap Label

So in this step, you will take the label that you had just printed out and you will preciously cut the edges as carefully as you can to make it look the best that you possibly can.
Warning: Some labels may not be the right size. I would recommend either measuring your cap and using Word
to resize the image to that size. It may take quite a few tries. I would recommend doing it in black and white as this won't waste color ink and I would recommend doing multiple sizes on 1 piece of paper to minimize the amount of paper waste and ink waste. I might make another instructable on that later.

Step 4: Apply the Mod Podge

This step is to apply the Mod Podge.
You will get a brush and apply the mod podge to the top of the bottle cap and then take your label and carefully
place it on the bottle cap. You will then lightly paint another coat of Mod Podge on top of the label that you just placed on.
Make sure it is a light layer on both the cap and the label.
Make sure to wash your brush afterwards!! You don't want to accidentally ruin it

Step 5: Almost Done!! Apply the Clear Coat!!

Last Step!!
We take out the nail polish and we apply very very light coats on top of the label and on the edges of it and smooth it out with the bottle cap. We will do about 2-3 light layers and then let it dry.

Step 6: ALL DONE!!!

Once it is dry! Your Bottle Cap will be all done!! Congrats!! You did it!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!

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