Introduction: How to Make DC MOTOR Transparent - Unique Idea

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Hello Readers in this INSTRUCTABLE i have turned my good old dc motor to a transparent one..The purpose is to understand Clearly the working of dc motor

Step 1: Awesome Video Showing Working of Transparent Dc Motor

Step 2: Transparent Frame

  • I used Syringe(10ml) For Frame
  • Cut the Tip of Syringe
  • File it with sandpaper for good finishing
  • Now cut the syringe at 2-2.5
  • File the bottom part if necessary

Step 3: Armature and Magnets

  • Remove the back casing of dc motor
  • Open the Armature
  • From the motor body take out magnets

Step 4: Finishing Up

  • Insert The armature inside Transparent Frame
  • Fix the back case
  • Use super glue to ensure firm fix
  • Attach the magnets on other side
  • Power it up and watch out for its working
  • Check out for its working(step 1)

Thankyou for showing interest to read this instructable..Have a Good Day