Introduction: How to Make DIY Miniature Art|Landscape Realistic Cup Diorama

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Plaster of Paris

Piece of Cardboard

Acrylic Colors - Burnt Umber, Grey, Off White

Wood Polish Powder-Dark Yellow Ocher, Burnt Umber, Red Ocher

Wood Varnish

Popsicle Stick


Tooth Pick

Masking Tape

Hot Glue Gun

PVA Glue

Paper Cutter


Off White

Grey, Raw Umber, Burnt Umber

Aluminium Foil

Epoxy Resin

Step 1: Use of Plaster of Paris

  • I used cup to make it.
  • I used plaster of Paris to fill cup.
  • I used wood colors -Dark Yellow Ocher and Burnt Umber.
  • I used Styrofoam to make boat.
  • I used Acrylic Color - Burnt Umber on boat.

Step 2: Use of Popsicle Stick

  • I used piece of Flexible Transparent Plastic Sheet to make home.
  • I used hot glue gun to fix all pieces.
  • I used Popsicle stick to make wood fencing. Please watch video for more detail.

Step 3: Use of Coloring and Epoxy Resin

  • I used acrylic color Grey on wood fencing
  • I used acrylic colors Burnt Umber, Grey and Off White on house.
  • I used plaster of plaster of paris for making water drum.
  • I used wood colors Powder-Dark Yellow Ocher, Burnt Umber and Red Ocher on drum.

  • I used epoxy resin for making water.

Step 4: Final Pictures

  • Here are few final beautiful pictures of my miniature art.