Introduction: How to Make DIY Ottoman Pouf

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My wife and I made a DIY Round Ottoman Footstool as a Christmas present for my mother-in-law. Sitting on a couch with legs on the footstool and reading a book is much more comfortable now.

There are many different kinds of footstools and ottomans that people make. Some call it a pouf or a hassock depending if it has legs or storage. The ottoman pouf we made is very simple without storage nor legs. The top has a very soft cushion and a strong frame to support the weight of a person if someone sits or stands on it.

For this pouf, we bought fur-like fabric to make it soft and cozy. It took a little bit longer to sew it together, but it turned out really nice.

A lot of people ask why is ottoman called the Ottoman. The name Ottoman came from Osman, a bey from a tribe in western Turkey, who declared independence from the Seljuk Turks. Ottoman Turks would usually rest their feet on the footstool found in their house or tent as they lounge. The first wooden ottomans had no legs that sat “directly on the floor being constructed in box form with storage space under the seat with a non fixed lid.”(Read:

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• 32" x 16" - 3/4" Plywood (x1)

• 20" x 18" - 1/2" Plywood (x1)

16" x 16" - 4" Thick Cushion

45" x 60" Poly-Fit Low-Loft Batting

Wood Glue

22" Zipper (x2)

• 50" x 32" Fabric

• Staples

1 1/4" Brad Nails

Tools for this project

Tape Measure

• Jig Saw

• Sewing Needle

Skill Saw

Nail Gun

Staple Gun

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