Introduction: How to Make Dawnbreaker

A Guide for all Your Replica Construction Needs

Step 1: Materiels

12 cm flashlight with removable top(1)

Fist size hunk of oven bake clay(1)

Hot glue gun(1)

70 cm long piece of hard carving foam(1)

Serrated knife(1) Can of metallic brass spray paint(1)

Can of metallic steel spray paint(1)

Roll of leather(1)

Thin popsicle stick(2)

Step 2: Pommel Pt 1

Mold a piece of clay around the bottom of the flashlight(the part you unscrew).

Once the clay has been baked, hot glue it to the bottom of the flashlight. MAKE SURE YOU CAN STILL TAKE THE BOTTOM OFF.

Step 3: Cross-guard Pt 1

Unscrew the top of the flashlight so that it resembles a candle when lit.

Mold a piece of clay around the top of the flashlight so it looks identical to the image above.

Step 4: Cross-guard Pt 2

Roll out a piece of clay about two inches long and ⅛ inches thick

Place the roll of clay in the center of the hilt

Bake and attach

Step 5: Blade Pt 1

Use the foam you have and carve out a piece in the shape shown above.

Step 6: Blade Pt 2

Carve down the edges of the blade with the serrated knife, it will give the blade a small edge.

Step 7: Attaching and Strengthening

Attach the blade to the hilt with the hot glue

Use the two popsicle sticks and attach them to the bottom of the blade and the top of the hilt. Do this on both sides

Note: The popsicle sticks might not be necessary if you have a hard enough foam.

Step 8: Grip

Wrap the grip of the flashlight with the leather you got earlier. The leather needs to overlap as little as possible.

Step 9: Pommel Pt 2

Add a hemispheral addition to the pommel

Bake and attach

Step 10: Spray Paint Pt 1

Cover the entirety of the hilt (crossguard, handle, pommel) with paper. Spray paint the blade with the steel metallic spray paint.

Step 11: Spray Paint Pt 2

Cover the blade with paper. YOU WILL ALSO NEED TO COVER THE LEATHER GRIP AND THE BULB OF THE FLASHLIGHT WITH PAPER OR DUCT TAPE. Spray the uncovered area with the brass paint.