Introduction: How to Make Double Shaft DC MOTOR

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Hello Readers in this Instructable i made a double shaft dc motor which i got from my old mp3 player,Purpose of Doing so was to combine features of two DC MOTORS into One.For example in rc cars instead of 2 only one can be used which saves lots of Space and Battery power!! Cool isn't

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Step 1: Video for Those Who Hate Reading!

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Step 2: Lets Begin...

  • Have a Look at Your DC MOTOR!
  • Remove the back plate ( i faced some problems while removing this)
  • Separate the plate and DC Motor Body

Step 3: Removing Old Shaft

  • i used old DC Motor as a support to remove the shaft
  • used Mini Hammer For Ramming
  • Shaft is Taken Out

Step 4: New Shaft

  • Insert New Shaft
  • i got my new shaft from umbrella Spokes
  • Couple it using superglue
  • Join Everything
  • Run Your DC Motor and Build Some Cool Stuffs

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Step 5: