Introduction: How to Make Edible Bloody Eyeballs in 3 Easy Steps

There is nothing scarier than food looking at you while you eat it. Mix that with a little blood, and you've created every kids worst nightmare.


-Corn Syrup

-Red food dye

-Green food dye


-Large marshmallow

- Black Icing

Step 1: The "Blood"

In a small bowl, mix together 1 tbsp corn syrup, 4 drops red dye, and 1 drop green dye. If the "blood" is too light of a color (you want it to be a deep, non-transparent, red) and a drop of green dye. If the "blood" is too yellow/brown, then add a drop of red dye.

Step 2: The Plating

Put the "blood" in pools on a plate, with streaks and drops in between. (Try to make it look like realistic blood spatter)

Step 3: The Eyeballs

Cut a marshmallow in half, and add a drop of black icing. On the Sides drip any left over "blood" to make veins.

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