Introduction: How to Make Edward Scissorhands

I will explain how to make Edward Scissorhands. It is a very difficult costume and may be hard to explain with just pictures, but I’ll try my best!


Poster boards
Leather gloves
Super glue
Resin cast
Black and silver spray paint
Molding putty
Black, silver, and gold paint
Mod pod
Craft foam
Glue Gun
Old scissors

For the rest you will need
3 different types of fake leather
You are going to make a jacket pants and boot covers and lots of belt so you need lots of fabric
Cosplay foam
Resin cast
Molding putty
Buttons and/or charms that look like the details on his costume
Different types of belt buckles
Molding Clay
Black, sliver and gold paint
Sewing machine
Super glue
Long zipper for back
Elastic band

Step 1: Poster Board Cut Out (Hands)

First you get a regular posterboard and draw out the size and shape you want. Use a ruler to help. After you are done cut out each piece

Step 2: Popsicle Sticks

Get a hot glue gun and popsicles sticks. Glue popsicle sticks down the middle of the pieces of posterboard that you cut out. To get the weird shapes cut a popsicle stick really short and then then bend the poster board so the popsicle stick it straight up, then bend the rest of the Poster board back to normal. Then glue on another piece of poster board to cover the rest of the popsicles sticks. Also make places so you can put you fingers in with the poster board by making 3D squares. After that cover the poster board with craft foam.

Step 3: Resin Casting

Get resin casting and pour part A then Part B into a cup mix it for about two minutes. Then evenly pour it onto each scissor finger. It helps if you have a container underneath to catch the resin then reuse it right away. Then wait until they are all dry.

Step 4: Spray Paint

Spray paint both sides with a coat of black and then a coat of silver.

Step 5: Attach to Glove

Attach each finger to a pair of leather gloves with super glue. Put super glue around the glove or inside the little square on the Scissor finger.

Step 6: Scissor Handles

Attach old scissor handles to the scissor fingers with the popsicle stick that is sticking up words use superglue and tape or whatever works best for you.

Step 7: Little Details

Put a piece of craft foam over the top of the glove that is showing. Then make little screws by getting real screws and make molds of the tops of them with molding putting. Then pour resin casting into each mold. After the resin drys put the screws on the scissor fingers and the hand. You can look up pictures from the movie to get a good idea where most of them go. After that paint the screws and craft foam in Mod pod then paint it black then silver to make it look like Metal. To get the scissors to look more real paint gold paint a little bit on and wipe it off to make it look rusty. Do the same with a little bit of black paint. Add as much details you want with the little resin screws and paint the move detail the better

Step 8: Making the Jacket

First you make the pattern that you want to cut out on fabric. There should be 9 different pieces of fabric that you will cut out The neck, The chest, The 2 different pieces for the bottom part of the jacket, The shoulders, and the arms. The neck is shiny black fabric the chest is normal fake leather the right side on the bottom part is a ruff leather and the left side is shiny black fabric. The shoulders are ruff fake leather and the arms are varied. Once you measured yourself and cut out the pattern then use the pattern to cut the fabric.
Sew it all together in the correct way (look at the pictures for help) Then put a zipper down the back. Put Velcro at the top by the neck.

Step 9: All the Belts

Once you are done with the Jacket it’s time to move onto the belts. Edward scissorhands has a lot of belts. I also used the three different fabrics for the belts. I used cosplay foam to help me make the belts
3 chest belts- normal fake leather
Main belt- ruff fake leather and make a crisscross pattern with sewing Machine
3 neck belts- shiny fake leather
3 belts on top left arm- ( one belt goes down the top part the other two wrap around like normal belts.) -

Step 10: Belts

Once you are done sewing all the belts I sewed and glued most of them on so I didn’t have to keep adjusting them. The only ones I did not sew or glue on were the main belt and the 3 left leg belts. Before you sew and glue on the belts you have to add some details to most of them. You can sew and glue the chest belts and neck belts now and do the details for them later.

Step 11: Details

To do the details for the jacket you need to make resin casting. Get things that look like the details and make molding putty casts then pour the resin in. Once you are done with that paint them all black the silver to make it look like metal. Then super glue all the details on. Also some of the belts have different eyelets and grommets. Look at the pictures to help you with all the details for the jacket, boots and pants.

Step 12: All Done

This is my first instructable! I did my best explaining how I made my costume. It took me a very long time to make it and I hope you can make it to!

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