Introduction: How to Make Electric Car at Home

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Hello Friends in this Instructable i made a Mini Electric Car which is very easy to make and most of the materials used to build this can be found in and around house

Step 1: Video for Those Who Hate Reading! Video Link,Share this awesome idea with your Family and Friends :)

Step 2: Lets Start!

  • Cardboard is used to make body
  • The shape is cut as shown in figure
  • Color pen is used to support the wheel shaft
  • Hot glue is used for coupling

Step 3: Wheel

  • Shaft is attached to one side of wheel
  • Inserted inside the shaft Holder
  • The wheel is connected to other end
  • Same is done for 2 sides also

Step 4: DC MOTOR Attachment

  • DC Motor is the driver
  • Wheel is connected to dc motor
  • Cardboard is cut as per the shape required to hold dc motor
  • Hot glue is used to hold them together

Step 5: Finishing

  • Terminals of dc motor are connected with Battery connectors
  • Battery is connected
  • Electric car is Ready!