Introduction: How to Make Epoxy Resin Art|Beach Terrarium|Landscape Row Boat Diorama

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Masking Tape

Patching Plaster


Wood polish powder - Burnt Umber, Red Ocher & Dark Yellow Ochre


Artificial Grass

Popsicle Stick

Barbecue Bamboo Stick

Acrylic Paint Royal Gold

Wood Varnish

Artificial Moss

PVA Glue

Hot Glue Gun

Epoxy Resin


Step 1: Use of Cardboard

  • I used cardboard for making row boat for terrarium.
  • I made 4" row boat. please watch video for more detail.
  • I used masking tape.
  • I used patching plaster on row boat.
  • I always applied sandpaper for smooth finishing.

Step 2: Coloring

  • I used wood polish powder (Burnt Umber, Red Ochre & Dark Yellow Ochre) for original and good looking.
  • I used wood varnish for protection of boat's color.

  • I used acrylic paint royal gold on popsicle sick for making fencing design.
  • I used barbecue bamboo stick for making Oars.

Step 3: Use of Clay and Artificial Moss

  • I used clay for making land.

  • I used artificial moss for grass.

  • Artificial moss gives look amazing and more attractive.

Step 4: Finial Pics

Here are few final beautiful pics .

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