Introduction: How to Make Faces on Your Trees in 4 Easy Steps

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This is a super fun, easy, messy, summertime activity, and all the supplies are right in your backyard! It is also a silly decoration for an outdoor event. For all ages too! It can be very detailed, or kept simple. (I choose to keep it simple because I do not consider myself very good at sculpting faces. ) You could even paint them if you want, but keep in mind that these will only be around for a couple of days, to a week, depending on where you put it and how much rain you get.This was very fun for me and I hope it will be for you too.


Bucket of natural clay. (Can be found in your backyard)
Bucket of water

Step 1: Finding and Mixing Your Clay

The clay I found in my backyard. You can usually find it in damp or wet places. Its color is a light grey when dryed and a very dark grey when very wet. Gather up as much as you think that you would need in a bucket, and also a bucket of water to keep on hand. To mix, add a small amount of water to your bucket of clay and mix either with a stick or with your hands. I like to mix it until it is about the consistency of polymer clay. Please note that even a small amount of water to a lot of clay will go a long way. Also grab any sticks or twigs that you would like to use as tools.

Step 2: Finding the Perfect Tree

I suggest that you creat the face on the lightest color tree bark, because when it dries completely, it will be a very light grey. The lighter the tree it is, the more it will blend in. Once you've found your tree, you want to start smearing the clay all over the part that you want the face to be. Use water to help smear\blend in. By doing this, it will greatly help your face sculpture to stick to the tree.

Step 3: Adding the Face

Add the face! Use water to help smear and blend in. Add eyes, mouth, eyelids, eyebrows, nose, teeth, and lips.

Step 4: Add Details!

Add any other details that you would like! You also can use paint and sticks to make your creation really pop! My friends and I had a TON of fun making these. Here are pictures of the ones that my friends made along with mine!

*Note: once these are dry, they will crack, and won't stay around for too long. If weather is right, it can last a few weeks!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through my Instructable! Have fun and God bless you!

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