Introduction: How to Make Fancy Flatware - Decorated Spoons - Easy Last Minute Gift Idea

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If you are like me you can always use a new idea for a quick and easy gift idea. And if you are a crafter I know you have some extra beads buttons and kabobbles in your craft stash. So grab your supplies and let's get crafting


24 gauge jewelry wire
Needle nose pliers
Flatware (spoon, knife or fork)
E6000 glue
Wooden skewer
Decorative beads and buttons

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Get out that stash of beads and buttons you have been saving and get ready to bust that stash. You also need a piece of flatware some jewelry wire, needle nose pliers, and some E6000 glue.

Step 2: Wrap Wire and String Beads

To begin wrap the wire around the handle at the starting point and tuck the wire end in the direction that the beads will cover. String a couple of inches of beads and then wrap the beaded wire around the handle. Continue stringing and wrapping until the desired amount of the handle is covered. Have fun and experiment with different looks and styles.

Step 3: Finish Off the Wire End

To finish off the wire weave the end through the beaded strands several times until the wire is tight and secure, then use the needle-nose pliers to cut off the excess wire and tuck in the remaining end.

Step 4: Glue End to Secure

If needed you can use the wooden skewer to apply a small dab of E6000 glue to the tip of the handle to secure the beading.

Step 5: Add Gift in a Jar or Bag

Use your favorite soup in a jar recipe and attach the decorated spoon to complete your gift. Be sure to include any necessary instructions for preparing the soup and add a note to handwash the decorated spoon.

Step 6: Display for Gift Giving

I used a large tray to display the spoons and let my friends choose their favorite. You could also decorate knives if you like to make homemade jam or forks for pies. I gave mine out as Christmas presents but these would also make great party favors.

Step 7: Watch Full Video Tutorial Here

If you want more info and details you can find them in the video tutorial.