How to Make Fashionable Candle Stands




Introduction: How to Make Fashionable Candle Stands

What kind of ornament do you imagine it is fashionable? We think it is candle stands, so we make candle stands which decorate fantastically. Candle's light are varied by candle stands. When you are tired and come home , you can relax if you have beautiful candle stands.

Step 1:

First, prepare materials and tools which you use, such as plastic bottles, cans, scissors, lighter, etc.

Step 2:

Then, cut plastic bottles and empty cans.

Step 3:

Next, bore a lot of holes in cans.

Step 4:

Then, soak top of plastic bottles in boiling water to make them easy to cut and bend.

Step 5:

After that, cut plastic bottles again.

Step 6:

Next, bend plastic bottles.

Step 7:

Then, paint plastic bottles and cans.

Step 8:

Following that, put candles on candle stands.

Step 9:

Finally, light the candles!

Step 10:


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    That looks really nice. I like the flower pattern that these cans make.