Introduction: How to Make Floating Candles From Harry Potter

In today's video I'm going to show you how you can improve your night by turning any room into the Great Hall of Hogwarts from Harry Potter, with an amazing starry night and floating candles! Materials list below.

I highly recommend watching the video before you start reading the instructions. It will give a clear idea of what to do!


Fishing Line -

LED Flickering Tea Candles -

White Posterboard Hierloom White Spray Paint -

Cordless Hot Glue Gun -

Black Hot Glue -

Black Garbage Bags -

Masking Tape -

Step 1: First, We Are Going to Work on the Sky!

Let’s get some trash bags to create the night. We need to cut down each edge, leaving just the bottom to unfold the bag. Cut as many as you need for your space (I used 12 bags).

Step 2: Now Let’s Tape It All Together.

The idea is to have a large taped unfolded bag that will work as a base for our dark night.

After everything is taped together, just flip it over and get ready for some painting!

Step 3: Time to Paint!

Time to paint! I used some blues, whites, grays and metallic silver to give it the look of a starry night. Then, I used some PlaidFX paint and a toothbrush to flick some small stars and a bigger brush to get some bigger stars.

Step 4: Hang Your New Sky!

Step 5: Let’s Start With the Floating Candles!

We are going to be using poster board, tea candles, hot glue and hierloom-white spray paint. The main idea is to roll up the poster board to create cylinders using the tea candles to size the circumference, use the hot glue to create the candle drips and use the spray paint to make it all look nice and smooth.

Step 6: Some Measurements

Measure out the tea candle’s circumference and transfer that to your poster board. You just need a little extra room for your tea candles, so that way you are sure that they fit in the cylinder.

Step 7: Cut It Out!

Cut different lengths for your cylinders, that way all the candles will be different. Also, you may want to give them some curves at the top side to create the effect of melted wax.

And, don’t forget the bottom part of the floating candle!

Step 8: Create the Candle Drips

Now let’s use the hot glue to create the candle drips. It is as easy as taking your hot glue and letting it drip! The drippier the glue, the better!

Step 9: Time to Paint! (The Candles!)

Paint the candles! I used an off-white color because it looks more like Harry Potter, but you can always use the color you want.

Step 10: Put It All Together!

Put the candle together and add the fishing line to hang it up!

Insert the tea candle in the cylinder. Make sure that the top of the plastic of the tea candle is about even with the lowest point of your candle.

Then, feel around where the bottom of the tea candle is and insert the needle with the finishing line and go straight to the other side of the candle. This will be the be base for the tea candle to sit on inside the candle!

Tie off the string and put a pin in it to finally stick it in the ceiling!

Step 11: Enjoy Your New Sky With Your Family and Friends and Let the Feast Begin!