Introduction: How to Make Flowers Come Alive With Embroidery

The materials that I used to make the circle so that I can do the embroidery is that I took the LEGO part and put them together to make the circles. I made two circle one that is small and one big. the big one goes to the small one so that the small one was in the middle of the big one.

Step 1:

These are the tools that I used to swing the flower. I used two different colors of the yarn.

Step 2:

After I put the yarn inside the sharp tool I start sewing. I swing where I draw my object then just keep going until I'm done. I go over then over. I repeat the same pattern over and over again.

Step 3:

It was my first time sewing so it was difficult at first swing than after a while it was easy and fun to sew.

Step 4:

After I'm done sewing the object that I draw or the flower I cut it so that it wouldn't take the whole board. I try to cut it around the shape of the flower.

Step 5:

This is a picture of my first ever sewing flower. It was difficult for me because It was my first time sewing a drawing of an object. I know how to se2w already because of my grandma but doing it for fun was never something I have done before. And I actually like it. It is fun and when I'm sewing I don't think about anything else but where I'm going to sew next. It is so relaxing. Sewing takes things off your mind and since you so focus where to sew, you don't have the time to think about the dramas in your life. I am so happy that I joined this class and that I got to explore a new way to have fun and to learned other things.

Step 6:

After my partner and I finished sewing the object that we drew, We posted them on the board for our classmate to see any others. I made some flower craft too. I never have done art craft but because of engineering class now I know how to do art crafts. I choose this as my final project to do because I want to show the little kids that, there' is another way to make flowers come alive. In these images, I made some art crafts hands flowers and I made a basketball too. I want the kids to know that you can draw flowers too and you can make them alive too. There's many ways to draw flowers or to make it come alive too. And getting to know how to make these flowers or any object in a different way is the fun part because your learning how to do something you used to do a different way. And getting to do something you used to do in someone other way is fun and exciting too.