Introduction: How to Make Fluffy Slime


Today we are making fluffy slime.

Slime is fun especially when you're bored.But it can be very messy and fun.But it depends what kinda of slime your making.But today were making Fluffy Slime and its called fluffy slime because you add shaving cream,which is very fluffy.

Step 1: Gather All the Ingredients

The ingredients you need is glue,food coloring if you want,a bowl,a spoon,a container,shaving cream,contact lens soltion.You don't have to have the same exact ingredients on the picture.

Step 2: Pour in the Glue

Get the glue and pour the glue in bowl .If you want you can put water in the glue bottle and shake it,but you don't have to.How much glue you put in is how much slime you make.

Step 3: Put in Your Food Coloring

After you pour in the glue.You put in the food coloring if you want,but you don't have to,and it doesn't matter how much drops of food corloring you put in.Make sure you a little more because the shaving cream will make your color lighter.

Step 4: MIX

After you put your food coloring,mix well and if you don't like the color you can add more if you want.But it to darkyou can just add more glue.

Step 5: Add in Shaving Cream

After you mix and put in your food coloring,you add the shaving cream,and it doesn't matter how much shaving cream you put.But if you put a lot of shaving cream it will be really fluffy.After you add the shaving cream.You mix well,and if your color gets lighter you can add more food coloring if you want.

Step 6: This Is When the Slime Actually Forms and ,mix

Add your contact lens solution.But make sure you don't put to much becasue you can just do little by little.After mix very well, and it might get hard to mix.If the slime doesn't form try adding shaving cream little by little.

Step 7: Nead It and Have Fun With It :)

After you mix really well.I suggest you to put shaving cream and contact lens solution on your hand so when you play with it , it doesn't stick to your hands.If it still sticks add some shaving cream and if that doesn't help then use contact lens solution.

Step 8: Put Your Slme in a Container

When your done make sure you have a container to put your slime in. So it doesn't dry out.

Step 9: The Thing I Should Next Time

I should of washed my hands after,becasue when I didn't,my hands got so itchy so if you make slime make sure you wash your hands after.

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