Introduction: How to Make Fried Rice

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In this instructable you will learn how to make fried rice! Yay! This may help to serve for dinner, parties, Lunch, and anything else! It may seem useless to make fried rice because it is hard to do for just a couple of plates full of food! Sometimes it's fun to just cook! I love Chinese! This may take a long, long time to make this, but it just doesn't seem like it.

  Some instrutions here are kind of odd, but if you really think about it you'll understand why. Some ingredients are odd too! Some people do things oddly, I'm sure! You'll find out some of the weirdest things I do in this instructable.

  Unfortanetly, I couldn't do somethings like putting notes on my pictures and I'm having trouble uploading pictures, so this took a week just to upload pictures.

  Hope you enjoy!   O           O

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Step 1: Shopping Time!

  For every recipe you'll need ingredients. These are easy to find ingredients:

Green onion
Soy sauce
Beef broth

  Some kitchen tools come in handy. So here's some you'll need:

Two small plates or bowls
One regular size bowl
A knife
A fork
A spoon
A cutting board
A spatula
A pan

  If I didn't mention something that's suposed to be in please tell me. I didn't include carrots and peas because it doesn't taste good to me. Sorry I couldn't add notes becuase it wouldn't let me.

Step 2: Got It? Well, Move On!

  Next, cooked the rice. Don't know how to? Well, just put rice into a pot. 1.5 of a cup is enough rice for about 2-3 people. Add the same exact cup of water in the pot. Instead of doing that just cook it in a rice cooker. Let it boil for now. Check on the rice every step.

  Lets start chopping the green onion and steak. Take the steak and only use a little not a lot! I used a 3rd of a steak. Cut it into small peices then salt it and pepper it. Put the chopped steak into a bowl or small plate. Now pick up your green onion and take only 3 sticks and rinse them thoroughly. Chop the roots (whitest part) off. Then chop it so that it looks like the chopped onion in the picture.

  Sorry, I couldn't reorder the pictures becuase my computer was glitching up! Sorry for the inconvenience! :(

Step 3: Hang on There!

  Now it's time to fry the 2 chopped ingredients. Oil the pan and pick the pan up and dance it around to spread the oil around the pan. Put the onion in first. After it starts to sizzle a little then put the chopped steak in. Let sit on "2" heat, but start out on "5" heat. You never cook on high becuase most people burn things doing that! While your waiting, Take 3 eggs and break them and put them in a bowl. Put about a table spoon of milk in it (this gives it a little mixter). Batter the eggs until its all yellow. Now check on the meat. Don't put the eggs in yet! After you check on the meat, check on the rice. If the rice is done then Put it on a plate. If the rice isn't done then leave it alone. You don't have to have the meat cooked all the way yet becuase once your done with the whole meal, the meat will probably be burned. If the rice is still not done then stir the meat and onion. If its still not done then completely take the pan off the heat and turn the heat off until the rice is done. Once the rice is done then continue to the next step!

  Sorry, again, for the unordered pictures! My computer is glitching a lot becuase there was a power outage! Also sorry that I cuoldn't get a picture on the milk in eggs becuase there was almost no difference between them both so it would be a waste of time, batteries, and memory! :(

Step 4: Finally! :)

  You are almost there! Now put the rice in with the meat and onion. Flip it around a cuople times. Then add soysuace. Stir it. Sprinkle some salt and pepper for some flavor. Now add the eggs. I know its weird time to add it, but sometimes the odd is obvious (my own quote). Keep flipping and stiring until the egg is cooked. Your still not done. I know confusing. Add 2 table spoons of beef broth or just pour a ring around it (not all of the can. Only use the can opener to cut half way aruond the can). Let it soak into the rice. Again, the odd is the obvious. Me and my dad were expirementing on how do a family resturant make such good fried rice? So he said its colored yellow-brownish. So he added beef broth the next time we cooked fried rice and it tastes exactly time same as the fried rice at the resturant! Put on a plate and enjoy!
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