Introduction: How to Make Glass Surfaces Clean and Shiny Fast, Easily and Inexpensively

Each house has glass objects (windows, glassware, mirrors, etc.), and therefore the question of how to quickly and easily make these objects clean and shiny is very actual, especially if you have many small glass objects. In this instructable, you will learn not only how to prepare inexpensive, but effective cleaning solutions at home, but also how to sew special gloves to quickly clean and shine glass surfaces.

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Step 1: Gathering the Necessary Material

To make special gloves you need:

unnecessary nylon stockings,



a needle,

a felt-tip pen,

rubber gloves.

To prepare the cleaning solution # 1 you need:

potato starch,

warm water.

To prepare the cleaning solution # 2 you need:

ammonia solution 10%,


Also you need:

1-liter plastic bottles with a spray,

rag / sponge

a tablespoon,


wide transparent adhesive tape.

Step 2: Making Gloves

Cut the edges of the nylon stockings - you will get two pieces of nylon.

Cut both pieces lengthwise.

Put one piece on top of the other, fold in half lengthwise.

Put the rubber glove on top with fingers apart, and use a felt-tip pen to mark the edges with dots (the felt-tip pen will leave marks on the lower piece of nylon, too).

Separate the pieces of nylon and fold them in half separately (to make two gloves).

Sew along the marked line.

Trim the edges by stepping 0.5 cm from the sewn line.

Stitch so the hem of the nylon twists.

Do the same with the second piece of nylon - the second glove.

Turn the gloves inside out.

How to use the gloves:

1. put on a rubber glove first, then a nylon glove,

2. with a gloved hand, wipe the glass surface covered with a small amount of cleaning solution until it dries and a gloss appears.

You can put gloves on both hands and work with both hands - this is very convenient when you need to clean small curved objects from glass. You can also use both nylon gloves on one hand.

Step 3: Preparation of Cleaning Solutions

Prepare the solution #1:

1 liter of warm water + 1 tbsp starch, mix (with a little water first to avoid clumping), pour into a plastic bottle with a spray.

Prepare the solution #2:
1 liter of water + 1 tbsp ammonia solution 10%. To do this, pour water into a plastic bottle, add the ammonia solution, screw the cap, turn the bottle over several times. Keep this solution closed, do not forget to stick the label (see step 4) and keep it out of the reach form children.

Step 4: Making Labels for Cleaning Products

To use the cleaning products for their intended purpose, the plastic bottle must be labeled.

Cut a strip of paper.

Make the inscription using the felt-tip pen. Add: „DANGER, do not swallow” on the plastic bottle with Cleaning solution # 2.

Stick the inscribed side to the transparent tape.

Stick this label out the plastic bottle using the tape.

Step 5: Cleaning and Shining Glass Surfaces

If the glass surface is heavily covered with dust, first rinse it using water and a rag (especially glass windows).

The use of Cleaning solution # 1:

1. spray onto a glass surface,

2. leave to dry,

3. wipe with your hand in the glove made in step 1.

The use of Cleaning solution # 2:

1. spray a small amount onto a glass surface (work in a ventilated area),

2. wipe with your hand with the glove you made in step 1.

Step 6: Enjoying the Work Done

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