Introduction: How to Make Hand Purse Using Cardboard, Denim and Jute Cloth?

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Ladies are quite fond of using unique hand purses or handbags. The different designs and shapes it comes with are quite interesting to make you go crazy while selecting. Today, we shall work on making a lovely hand purse but not with expensive leathers but unwanted waste materials at your home. With the help of best of waste craft ideas using cardboard, jute cloth,and denim cloth, you can make a beautiful purse.

So, excited to make this beautiful hand purse!

Step 1: Things You Need

  • Cardboard
  • Denim cloth and jute cloth
  • Zip
  • Rope
  • Decorative laces
  • Glue, scissors,and cutter
  • Pencil, scale,and divider

After gathering all the things, here are the steps you need to follow for making this lovely hand purse.

Step 2: Take a Cardboard

  • Take cardboard in square shape. Take a radius measuring 4.5 inches and draw a circle on the cardboard. Draw a line in the center of the circle. Cut the circle and then divide it into half using a cutter.

Step 3: Take a Jute Cloth

  • Now take a jute cloth and cover the semi circles using the cloth with some glue. Again, take a jute cloth strip of around 4 to 5 inches. Stick some glue on the edge of the semi-circle at the base as well as some bottomportion one both the arcs for sticking the strip of the jute cloth.

Step 4: Stick Both Parts

  • Stick the other end of the jute cloth to the other semi-circle with some glue. This gives you the base of the hand purse.

Step 5: Stick Denim Cloth

  • Take a strip of the denim cloth of around 1- or 2-inches width and one zip. Stick one side of the zip with the denim cloth strip. Similarly, stick the other end of the zip to another denim cloth strip too. Check the zip after sticking the strips.

Step 6: Add a Zip

  • Take the denim cloth with zipping and stick the edges of the denim strip to the round shape jute purse properly to give the hand purse an opening.

Step 7: Fix the Handles

  • Now to make the handles of the hand purse, take some rope. Cut the ropes to a particular length and stick them on both the sides of the hand purse to make handles. Apply some glue on the ropes and stick a small square piece of jute cloth for proper fixing.

Step 8: Add a Decorative Lace

  • Now take some laces for decorating the hand purse. Take one lace of net material while the other a decorative lace. Stick the net lace on the base of the hand purse surrounding the entire purse.

Step 9: Stick Few Stones

  • Take a stone lace and stick it on the borders of the denim cloth on the circle side. Cover the opposite side denim border too with the stone lace and the sides also.

Step 10: Your Bag Is Ready!

There you go. Your home-made hand purse is ready to use. Be it going to the markets to moving outstations, this kind of hand purse is widely used for storing necessary things you might need. You can also gift such hand purses to your loved ones who love decorative things.

So, what things have you used for decorating this adorable hand purse? Do write to us.