Introduction: How to Make Handmade Cardboard Organizer Cum Jewelry Holder?

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Keeping all the jewelry properly organized is surely a difficult task for any woman. Again, storing them handy to avoid searching them the next time when needed adds to the difficulty. What if I tell you can manage all these simply by making an organizer on your own at home! Yes, by using the unwanted cardboards you can easily make an organizer cum jewelry holder at home.

So, let's begin the journey to a simple and easy to make cardboard organizer.

Step 1: Things You Need

  • 2 Empty cardboard boxes
  • Color sheets
  • Printed Sheets
  • Stone lace
  • Rubber, beads,and wire
  • Cutter and scissors
  • Cello tape and glue

Here are the easy steps to make the cardboard organizer.

Step 2: Let's Take Empty Cardboard Boxes!

  • Take 2 empty cardboard boxes. Open both the boxes completely. Cut out the opening of the cardboard using a cutter from both the boxes. Using a cello tape, seal the back side of the boxes. Take 2 pieces of cardboard to make shelves for the organizer.

Step 3: Let's Take Color Sheets & Cover the Boxes!

  • Now take color sheets. Apply glue in the inner side of the cardboard box and cover it using the color paper. Cover all the sides properly for both the boxes.

Step 4: Let's Cover the Back Side of the Boxes!

  • Now take another color paper and cover the boxes from the back side. While covering the boxes, make sure you join the boxes with each other keeping the open sides opposite to each other.

Step 5: Let's Join Boxes!

  • Apply cello tape on the edges of the boxes for a proper fixing and comfortable opening.

Step 6: Let's Cover Cardboard Pieces Using the Color Paper!

  • Take the two square cardboard pieces and cover them using the color paper. Using some glue, stick the pieces in the center of the box or organizer.

Step 7: Let's Cover the Boxes Using Printed Sheet!

  • Now take a printed sheet and cover the front and sides of the boxes or organizer using the printed sheet.

Step 8: Let's Fix Rubber Band & Bead!

  • For making the opening of the organizer, take a rubber band and some beads. Using a pointer, make a hole on one side of the cardboard box. Remove the rubber outside till the bead touches the box. Right on the opposite side of the rubber, make another hole and insert a wire with a bead and fix it properly inside to make a button for the organizer.

Step 9: Let's Stick Beads at the Bottom!

  • Now take some beads and stick them on the borders or corners of the organizer below for giving it some height.

Step 10: Let's Stick Stone Lace!

  • Take a stone lace and using some glue, stick it on the border of the organizer doors for decoration.

Step 11: Conclusion

Your beautiful jewelry holder or organizer is all set for use on dressing tables. The organizer is capable of storing your jewelry or even makeup products like lipsticks and nail paints. You can also use this for wrapping gifts for your loved ones in a different way.

So, isn’t it an awesome and easy craft idea? When are you making your personal organizer?