Introduction: Preston Home Made Card Game

I am a mature student studying Furniture and Product Design at Bath Spa University.

I am the proud mother of three grown up children.

For our last project of the current year, we have been asked to identify the next person in our family or social group for whom I would normally buy a present. As a family we no longer give material gifts, we concentrate on gifting experiences. I believe I have designed a gift that my son, Ben, although 21 years old, will enjoy.

Ben works part time at our local safari park where Preston, The Six Banded Armadillo, lives. Preston is a favourite of Ben.



Glue (PVA)

Empty Cereal Box (Two)


Paint or Felt tips

Buttons or Dry Pasta

Step 1: Download the PDF

Download the attached PDF

1. Rules ( 1 Page)

2. Instructions ( 1Page)

3. Printed Face Cards ( 6 Pages)

4. Card Box Net ( 1 Page)

Step 2: Cut

2. Cut the printed pictures along the dotted lines. It does not matter if you leave dotted lines on the paper as they can be removed when you later cut the card.

Step 3: Glue

3. Open out the empty cereal box by gently tearing open from the glued side. This will ensure you have enough undamaged card to use.

4. Glue the individual printed paper pictures onto the inner sides of the empty cereal pack(s).

Step 4: Refine

5. Round off the edges by using a coin.

Place the coin right up to the edges, draw around the corner, then cut off the edge.

Step 5: Box for the Pack of Cards

6. Glue the Box net to the cardboard, and wait for it to dry. Cut completely around outer edges.

Step 6: Score and Fold.

7. Score ( use sharp end of scissors to make a shallow line ) along the fold lines. This is done on the inside of the box. (What used to be the front of the pack).This is also the side you will not see.

Step 7:

8. Once totally dry glue the side and bottom tabs, as marked with 'Glue' on the diagram.

Step 8: Final Step

9. You can leave the cards with a white background or, as you see in the diagram above, you can colour them in with a light coat of paint or felt tip. It's entirely up to you.

There are a number of ways to play this game or you can make up your own rules.

This was a personal gift for my son, Ben, but you can personalise it by covering Ben's name on the box net and replacing his name with the name of someone special in your life.