Introduction: How to Make Invisible Ink

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In this pandemic situation most people are bored in their for removing the boringness we can write secret messages to our family,friends


A lemon slice,a bowl,a thin paint brush,a matchbox or a lighter,a piece of paper and a candle

Step 1: The Procedure

Take the lemon slice, and squeeze it in the bowl and take the paint brush and write something on the paper.

Step 2:

Dry the paper for half an hour.and place the paper on a table and bring the candle and light it with the help of the matchbox or lighter.

Step 3:

After lighting the candle place it on the table and hold the paper and slowly move it on top of the careful that you don't burn the paper or your hand.

Step 4:

When you move the paper on the candle you can see that the candle starts becoming brownish and it shows the word or letter you wrote!!!

Step 5:

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