Introduction: How to Make Joystick Control for Arduino

In this instructable, I will show you how to make lego joysticks for arduino.


bunch of legos


some time

two joysticks

jumper cables

arduino uno

usb type B

Step 1: Make Body

I will not teach you exact recipe to make this thing, but you first should surround the PCB with lego. first find something rectangular and is more than a block wider than the joystick. then, you could use 1*1 block with those 1*2 smooth blocks to hold the joystick down. Or, you could use those long sticks with holes in it and stick those blue studs with one side short, like in the image, to hold the joystick down. then, do the same thing with the other joystick, and then connect them. then fill the in-between empty space to make it sturdy, and good to hold it. Now it is time to decorate it. you could add some handles or stick on some decorative pieces... do what you want.

Step 2: Connect

use jumper cables to connect arduino to joystick. plug in the mf jumper cables, and find out which color is which pin. and connect gnd-gnd, vcc-5v, sx-analog1, sy-analog2, sk-digital2.

Step 3: Make Games!

now make things you want with this! but be careful, because those cheap joysticks has noises and it's voltage should be staying at 112(max 255), but it goes up and down, so be careful. I have make a small game that could be played 2-player, but i dont know how to upload zip files. they say file type no allowed.

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