Introduction: Mr.paper Whistles!

in this instructable, i will teach you how to make whistling noises with common paper.

Step 1: Grab a Paper!

to make a whistling noises with paper, first take a paper. A4 papers would be good. you can cut it up in a strip in length about 10cm, to make it easier to hold.

Step 2: Hold It Tight!

you hold your paper with your index finger and thumb, like it is in the image. hold it tightly.

Step 3: Blow It!

blow your paper from about a mm away and blow straight. change the direction of the paper or move it around until it vibrates(it vibrates a lot) and make piercing noises. if you blow it for too long, the paper would dampen. if your paper doesn't sound well after blowing for a long time, change it and try again.

Thank you for reading this lousy instructable.

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