Introduction: How to Make Sounds With Paper

In this instructable, I will show you how to make whistling noises with common paper.

First, you will need a paper. A4 paper would do. You could cut it to make it easier to hold.

Step 1: Hold the Paper Tight.

Hold your piece of paper just like picture, with distance about 2~3cm. Pull it slightly to make your paper is tightened.

Step 2: Blow It!

Now, blow the paper with your lips about 1cm far. You should blow it nice and steady , with your lips opened a little. Adjust position of the paper until it sounds.

Step 3: Practice.

When your paper makes sound, you could change your position of finger on paper. It would make your sound change. You could also use different paper. Your paper should be not too thick or thin. Now enjoy the sound it makes, make different notes and also make piercing noises.