Introduction: How to Make Liquid Hand Soap

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1 bar of soap of your choice (I used Dove)
1 TBL honey
1 TBL glycerin (you need this-found at Walmart by the gauze and band aids)
1 TBL Rubbing Alcohol
1 TBL Witch Hazel (easier on the skin-found at Walmart next to rubbing alcohol)

Step 1:

Grate your favorite bar of soap with a cheese grater. It's ok to buy a fancy soap that you like because remember this one bar of soap is going to make about 7-9 cups of liquid hand soap and that's a lot!!

Step 2:

Once grated, pour the soap into a blender with 1 CUP BOILING water and blend.

Step 3:

Open lid and add honey, witch hazel, rubbing alcohol and glycerin and blend again.

Step 4:

Pour out of blender into a LARGE mixing bowl and start with 3 cups of cold water. Whisk the mixture. Add more water as needed.

Step 5:

Fill up your soap bottles and store the rest in a large container.

Step 6:

This is more of like a FOAM soap but it's really great and works VERY well! Not to mention your house will smell great after wards.