Introduction: How to Make Masks for Your Face

It's very useful so that you do not spread diseases if you are sick or if someone else is sick.

Step 1: Gather All Your Materials

You will need a bandanna, safety pin, and two hair ties

Step 2: Take Your Bandanna and Fold It in a Triangle

Step 3: When the Bandanna Is in a Triangle Use the Tip and Fold It in Long Rectangular Shape

Step 4: Next Get Your First Hair Tie and But It on the End of the Bandanna

Step 5: Get the Other Hair Tie and Put It on the Other End of Your Bandanna

Step 6: After Putting Both Hair Ties on Fold the Ends of the Bandanna Underneath the Hair Ties

Step 7: Then Pull Both the Hair Ties at the Same Time So They Scrunch Up Together

Step 8: After Pulling Both Hair Ties Together Safety Pin the Bandanna So That They Do Not Fall Apart

Step 9: Now Make Sure It Is the Right Size for Your Face and If It Is Not Adjust It to Make It Smaller

Step 10: Finally Repeat the Process If You Like and Enjoy the Face Mask to Wear Outside