Introduction: How to Make Miniature Bricks With Das Clay

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This is the way I made my first bricks for the construction of the Domus.

All you need are some simple tools (see below) and clay, of course!

The DAS clay dries simply with air, but you can use real clay instead, following the same steps and then baking your bricks.

Notice: this is not a quick method. Take your time to make your bricks and forget the rest of the world for a while. It will be... therapeutic!


DAS clay or other clay
Wooden board (a piece of a parquet in my case)
Wooden strip with the same thickness as your bricks (for the runners)
A rolling pin
Metal file
A lot of patience

Step 1: Lay Your Clay

Cut the clay into slices and press it between the runners with your fingers.

If necessary, sprinkle a little water on the surface to prevent the clay from drying out.

Step 2: Make a Smooth Surface

Spread the clay with the wet rolling pin until you get a fairly smooth Surface.

Step 3: Cut Your Bricks!

Cut horizontal lines with a spatula and repeat the same operation for vertical ones.

Keep the spatula perpendicular to the board an move it downwards and not sideways (that would alter the shape of the bricks).

Step 4: Let Dry

Press the surface again with the spatula and let it dry.

The drying time depends on the humidity and temperature of the place where you live, but the next day the clay should be perfectly dry.

Step 5: Almost Harvest Time...

Sand the Surface and trace over the lines with a cutter (don't worry about dust, this is just the beginning!)

Step 6: Cut Out Your Bricks!

Detach the bricks from the board.

In this stage I try to separate them in slices of at least 4 bricks to spare time (yes, it's therapeutic but you don't need to pass your life on it!)

Step 7: Finishing Touches

Now you can finish your bricks one by one with files and sandpaper...

...and start thinking about what you'd like to build with so many bricks: A house? A tower? A castle?

That's only up to you...

Step 8: Summing Up...

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