How to Make Mobile Phone Wall Charging Holder

Introduction: How to Make Mobile Phone Wall Charging Holder

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Mobile Phone Wall Charging holder

Description: Hangs safely over your wall outlet Supports both round and square pin mobile chargers. Fits for small digital cameras, MP3 players and other small devices Eliminates the tangles of cable Protects the phone against damage caused by falling down This clever shelf hangs between the outlet and your battery charger to hold your mobile phone, iPod, MP3 player or PDA. Save your device from falling. Light weight & compact travel charging base for avid travellers. Inbuilt cable manager for better cable organization. Designed to fit almost all shapes and sizes of chargers

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Wall mounted & Table top Design Designed to fit almost all shape & size of mobiles Usefull for Holding Mobile Phones & Remote controls at home offices,hotels,rooms Easy to install Always Mobile Safety Non Breakable Elegant Design Choice of colours to match interior Provide support for mobile phone Organize your mobile phone while charging High quality ABS material for longer lasting Dimension in mm-H.80xW.75xL.45

Step 1: Video

If You need a phone holder while charging your phone. So you don't have to buy that here is a demo video how you can make your own at very cheap cost.... hope you like it

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