Introduction: How to Make Monster Box

Tissue Box Monsters

As we all know, kids like monsters. In this activity, children have a chance to design their own monster and use recycle an old tissue paper box. A monster box is a Halloween craft but is very easy and convenient

Step 1: How to Prepare

collect all the materials

Step 2: Step

How to make the monster box

Due to the material limitation, I cannot find a round open paper box.

1:Line the outside of the box cardboard, wrap it.

2:Glue the inside of the card

3:Use a crayon to paint the inside of the box

4:Cut an oval on the surface of the box ( the mouth of a monster)

5:“Outline” around the “mouth” of the monster with a black marker.

6:Draw the eyes of the monster at the top of the box.

7:Paint the stick with the same color

8:Make a small hole mark at the top of the box through scissor. and then push the stick into it.

9:Cut a large tooth from white paper. Glue it inside of the tissue box.

10:Design your own style.

Step 3: Personal Reflection

From working on this activity, I learn the best motivation for me to make this handcraft is to design my personal style. We can choose the colour we like and the pattern we like.

I think I provide with a step-by-step activity guide for instruction. And photos are sufficient. If print, families can do this activity without the internet. I also give various way to extend this activity. If we do not have the tissue box with a round open, we can wrap it with cardboard.